General conditions of sale

1. The agreement is pursuant to the conditions as mentioned below, providing that these conditions do not have derogations in terms of written compromises.

2. Our prices are net of tax, including packaging, ex-works. They are net and not subject to discount. The vendor makes reservations in changes to price adjusts in wages, price in material, exchange and similar, from the date of order to the delivery date. In the same case when it comes to VAT, customs or another legal tax.

3. Delivery is normally by EX-Works. If a more appropriate way with a less important delivery is agreed, then you can perform to send a part-delivery, if not it’s particularly agreed that it will be delivered in one delivery only.

4. Payment will be in advance or by a cash delivery by post. Incorporated firms can enter a credit agreement. Any delay shall automatically, without any prior formal letter of demand, incur the payment of interests at the legal rate, without prejudice to the right of the company to suspend or cancel the performance of current orders and to claim any damages for any loss suffered. An order under a certain amount includes a “small order increment”. The vendor makes reservations to the title of the product until the payment, with all the necessary rates and expenses are paid.

5. The delivery is a fact when the goods is picked up by the carrier, this contains it is no longer the vendors responsibility.

6. Filtra AS is not bound to perform any obligation to the customer if it is prevented from doing so as a result of a circumstance which is not due to fault, and is not at its expense either under the law, a binding transaction or custom.

7. Warranties: When the customer is described as a consumer, it all comes down to the law of sales. In other customer situations it is the supplier’s guarantees (1-3 years, depending on the product).

8. Period allowed for cancellations is only a fact were the customer is a consumer and were the product is already been sent to the customer. The customer has got 14 days to deliver the product back to the supplier. The product is to be delivered in a suitable package, preferably like the customer received it. When a product is being returned, the customer must pay for the return freight. Product which is being returned with cash on delivery by post is not being released by the supplier/company. Return and the right to exchange is not concerned to products which are especially built and not in our regularly assortment. From the exact time you return your product, normally the treatment time is about 1 week.

9. To cancel a purchase, the product needs to be returned in its original and undamaged package. When it is returned, customer needs to pay for the dispatch fee, which is 5% of the purchase price, maximum 250 NOK.

10. The customer has a duty to check the product condition immediately after receiving it. Finding claims caused by deficiency must be discovered within 14 days, after delivery. Claims which can only be discovered after using the product must report this immediately after discovering it, and yet 12 months after delivery. Claims must under any circumstances be written down before the guarantee period has ended. The vendor must be given its full opportunity to solve the deficiency by repairing it, or in another practical way.

11. The vendors’ economical responsibility is limited to the value of the delivered products. The vendor is therefore not taking any responsibility for any production-loss, personal injuries, goods or loss of expected earnings. The vendor has neither any responsibility for defect in title, for example patent rights that will cause an obstacle or a reduction for the buyers’ utilization of the product.

12. Deliveries of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment sold under Orgalime S 2012/ NL92.

13. Returning the goods can only occur pursuant to preceding agreement with the vendor. With any possible wrong dispatch on the vendors’ side, the amount is being put on credit, together with the freight costs. With an order by mistake, on the buyers side, it will partial be put on credit on further agreement. It will not be given access to return products which are especially built.

14. If the term for delivery when goods are to be picked up expires, and the customer has not picked up its goods, it will not give us any indication about why it is not been picked up. Therefore you will not be complied with the terms of the law of period allowed for cancellations §11 and §13, and you will lose your right to leave the agreement. You will have to pay freight cost both sending ways and a fee on 300 NOK.

15. Filtra AS disclaim responsibility;
If equipment installed or mounted incorrectly by other companies than Filtra AS leads to damage on equipment or the equipment does not work as it is ment to work. If equipment is damaged as a result of incorrect installation, carried out by other companies than Filtra AS, this will not result in guarantee liabilities or resonibility for 3rd parties economical loss.

In connection with the installation and operation of supplied equipment from Filtra as, we cannot take responsibility for the following: Any work done by parties other than Filtra as in connection with installation / assembly of delivered equipment – External connections to the equipment’s control units in connection with delivered equipment – External pipe connections in connection with delivered equipment – Installation work in connection with delivered equipment – Installation work in which installation instructions are not followed – Electrical installations in connection with delivered equipment – Electrical connections that affect the safety of the equipment – The customer’s own start-up of installed equipment – Information provided by the customer that is relevant to the choice of supplied equipment – Any additional information that is relevant to the function given after installation of the supplied equipment – Lack of information from the customer that is important for the equipment’s function.

16. Both parts will meet in Ålesund court as the agreed forum, for possible disagreements, which has occurred in situations with sales and delivery.