Groundwater from solids is most often acidic. Acidic water attacks, among other things. metal and will cause corrosion of e.g. pipes and fittings in drinking water systems. The usable problems primarily include corrosion, corrosive water is usually acidic and soft. Corrosion is associated with acidity, calcium, carbonate and alkalinity (the ability of the water to neutralize strong acid at a certain pH) in the water. Drinking acidic water is not considered harmful to health, but any dissolved substances from pipe parts and fittings may represent a health concern in the case of prolonged use.

Acidic water is neutralized by means of a neutralization filter. The degree of nonconformity will come from a water test. Acidic water is treated using a filter tank with filter media. Applying filter media increases the water’s pH properties and eliminates the risk of corrosion in pipes and reduces the risk of “green veils” in the toilet, shower, etc. In cases where the water is also to be treated for iron and manganese, a neutral water will give better results. The filter rewinds itself automatically to flush trapped particles and sediments. The filter mass dissolves slowly to raise the pH to the neutral level.