Mobicon is an active charcoal filter, specially developed for the treatment and purification of water and liquids. Applications are industrial purposes in water purification and purification of chemicals, food and drinking water. This filter adsorbs / absorbs unwanted content. Mobicon is used, among other things, on construction sites in connection with the purification of groundwater and the removal of environmentally hazardous substances.  There are very strict requirements for groundwater purification. The filter removes heavy metals and discoloration / humus. Another area where this is widely used is in the fishing industry. Using such a filter, it will be possible to remove dioxins from the fish oil. Dioxin is an environmental toxin and is very harmful. Emissions of dioxins are a significant environmental problem in Norway.

We can supply two different sizes, Mobicon 1000 and Mobicon 2000. The difference lies in maximum pressure (bar), hydraulic flow and dimensions.

The filter can be rented on a monthly basis and is a very good solution considering that the filter can be used anywhere, has quick and easy space installation without any investment costs. The rental scheme saves the user from having to buy the filter and can be returned after the project is completed.

Mobicon comes complete (filled with charcoal) and the frame makes the filter very location-friendly. The entire unit is replaced when the charcoal is saturated. The used container is returned to the supplier who empties and handles the used filter stock. The coal is regenerated and reused. Regenerated coal can be bought back for greatly reduced price from delivery # 2. This saves the customer money and also saves the environment.

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