AM series

The main feature of the SITA AM series is the most powerful low-pressure amalgan lamp. Each system is capable of treating a good flow rate with the help of few lamps, reducing maintenance costs. Good flow circulation is guaranteed by special mixing plates. It is verified by CFD software and this gives very good disinfection even with low UV transmission values. The L-shape configuration is suitable for using the entire length of the UV lamp and offers the possibility of mounting the UV unit both horizontally and vertically. The control panel has a microprocessor and is capable of meeting all drinking and production water requirements. Automatic cleaning system is available throughout the range.

WATER FLOW: from 20 to 160 m3/h

LAMPS: low pressure amalgan lamps. high effeiciency, long life time: 12.000 hours

UV REACTOR MATERIAL: Int/ext polish S/S 304 and 316 L

UV-C DOSE: > 400 J/m2


WATER QUALITY: UV transmission 60 – 98% (1 cm) – T=20°C