Water Treatment

Filtra has many years of experience in water treatment and offers water treatment to private individuals, aquaculture, industry and public enterprises.

Drinking water coming from approved waterworks and commercial providers is subject to requirements in accordance with the drinking water regulations on hygienic barriers. However, the water might have properties that needs to be treated further.  Drinking water from private wells is generally subject to the same requirements as public and commercial waterworks. Therefore, regular tests should be taken to ensure that the quality of the water is sufficiently safe. This applies to bacteriological as well as organic or mineral content.  

What is water treatment


Water purification is a physico-chemical process that consists of removing contaminants from raw water that are suitable for normal household or industrial use. We can offer solutions that cover the need for good and clean drinking water for everyone. Filtra defines water treatment subject in three categories; Adsorption – Filtration – Ion exchange. Under each category there are many different filters and solutions. Our goal is to be able to give you the best possible solution for your water.