Self cleaning filter

Our screen, plate and sand filters offer several models, materials and properties that cover most filtration areas. Self-cleaning filters are based on two principles, GFK and Bernoulli. Self-cleaning filters are made either by screens or by sand (automatic rewind).Filter housings come in various designs such as fiberglass, 304 SS, SS316, or 316L or duplex 

GFK is a “vacuum cleaner principle”, where the screen is cleaned from the inside of rotary suction pipes that send the particles to drains. This can be supplied with filtration between 15 – 300 microns. One of the advanteges is, for example, a minimum working pressure of 0.2 bar. The GFK filter is preset for automatic cleaning at 0.5 bar differential pressure. This can be programmed by the user for even lower rates of cleaning.
See how GFK works here

The AF-Bernoulli type is a well-known principle that is based on the fact that a disk is activated on the signal of mounted pressure differential sensors. A plunger drives the disk into the bottom of the silk basket and back. The piston is driven by compressed air. The minimum water pressure requirement is 1 bar.
See how AF-Bernouli works here

Our suppliers have the necessary ISO certifications and approvals.