How do I proceed with water sample ?

Water treatment can be a complex area and we are here to help you. For several years, we at Filtra have gained knowledge and expertise in collaboration with our experienced suppliers in water treatment.

It is important that we receive a water analysis from you. Based on the water analysis we can start the process finding a solution. Our advisors are happy to help you tailor the best possible solution your water. We do this in collaboration with the supplier, therefore the water analysis is also sent to them. It is very important to us that we ensure that you get a customized solution. Customer satisfaction is important to us and we take our job with clean water seriously. With this, we will do our best to ensure that the values ​​of your drinking water are in accordance with the drinking water regulations.

We have a standard list of parameters that are important to know. These parameters can give us a comprehensive picture of what the problem is. 

In collaboration with SINTEF NORLAB in Molde, we have designed a water analysis package “Filtra water analysis” of what we recommend you test in order to offer you the necessary products.

  • pH
  • Turbidity
  • Color numbers
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • COD
  • Hardness (ᵒdH)
  • Coliform bacteria (incl. E-coli)

If you choose “Filter test package”, you will receive our discount at SINTEF. Total price NOK 1380, – excl. VAT (guide price NOK 2300, -).


  • All samples taken must be from the same tapping point.
  • Sample tubes can be obtained from Sintef or from Filtra. If necessary, use a sterile container.
  • Samples can be delivered to your local Sintef Norlab laboratory.

Yoy can also submit water sample at SINTEF Norlab AS, Eikremsvingen 4, NO-6422 MOLDE.

Please download the completion form here and note that you are in collaboration with Filtra. Please send the test result to

 In addition to the water analysis, we need to calculate the capacity of the filter solution.We therefore need to know:

  • Water consumption; liters per hour and how many people live in the same household.
  • How many households


​We wish you good luck and look forward to a good cooperation.