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SITA AIR series


The series is characterized by equipment designed to work independently, or as equipment installed in existing windpipes. If the equipment is to work independently, the use of fan is necessary for the airflow to be treated. If equipment is installed in existing windpipes, you do not need a fan. There are several uses in this series, for example in aseptic (sterile) areas. SITA AIR MC can be installed in waiting rooms, operating rooms, hospital rooms, air conditioning systems, the food industry, pharmaceutical industries, laboratories and aquaculture facilities.  


The series is characterized by anodized aluminum equipment (surface treatment that improves a metal’s corrosion protection). The MQ series has “splash proof” UV lamps that have special coatings that prevent the spread of fragments in case of accidental breakage of the lamps. Direct UV radiation makes it possible to disinfect and keep exposed surfaces sterilized. Disinfection of food with UV radiation makes it possible to significantly increase the shelf life.