Activated carbon

Activated carbon is used, among other things, in connection with the purification of air, water and various types of liquids to remove bad odor or taste. Carbon absorbs dissolved particles in water (humus) and is also an important medium in connection with environmental purification. Food producers also use activated charcoal in fish oil processing.

Depending on the quality chosen, activated carbon will also remove heavy metals, dioxins and convert chlorine. We supply activated charcoal in sacks of 20-25 kg, such as BIG BAG or in bulk (tank truck).

Activated carbon is prepared by grinding the carbon to a specified size. The carbon is then heated to about 540 C. The carbon is activated by steaming it with a heat of min. 870 C to make it active. The process creates a network of cracks / pores in the carbon that mkes the surface becomes larger. This large surface is the reason why the carbon can absorb large amounts of different molecules. Activated carbon absorbs various molecular sizes.

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