SMP series

SITA MEDIUM PRESSURE system can treat large quantities of water with a modest number of lamps. This is thanks to the high power triggered by the use of medium pressure lamps. Medium-pressure UV lamps have a multispectrum wavelength, which allows the SITA SMP unit to break chemical bonds and thus have a good effect on the reduction of undesirable chemicals in water. This photolysis process is widely used in pools (reduction of combined chlorine) and process water (decolorization, deozonation, TOC reduction). This UV system is also useful for wastewater treatment. Compact design and few lamps make the UV unit easy to install and maintain.

WATER FLOW: From 25 to 2.000 m3/h

LAMPS:  UV medium-pressure lamps. Life time: 6000 -10000 hours

UV REACTOR MATERIAL: Int/ext. polish stainless steel AISI 316L

UV DOSE: > 600 – 800 J/m²


WATER QUALITY: UV transmisson 60 – 99% (1cm)