We have approvals from the Norwegian Public Health Institute and the Veterinary Institute at our UV facilities from SITA. Safe water quality is a food requirement. UV disinfection of water is one of the simplest and safest methods for harming bacteria and parasites in water.

Filtra as supplies UV systems of all sizes. SITA’s UV disinfection systems is recognized for its functional design and high quality. Capacity is determined by water flow and transmission (the ability of the water to be illuminated by UV light). This means that the design (size), lamp strength and flow are seen in context and adapted for the user. We have delivered plants from 5 liters per minute to 5000 m3 / hour.

We customize / design the UV facilities according to local and individual needs. A number of additional features can be built in. For example, we use power control / lamp control which adjusts the lamp strength so that the dose is safe based on a calculation between flow and water transmission. The touch screen PLS has internal logging, mobile alerting, quartz glass cleaning programming, remote control and online monitoring via the internet and much more.