Cintropur filter

Cintropur® Filter is suitable for particle filtration of water in detached houses and industry. The filter can be mounted on the water inlet. The solution comes with filter housing with 2-stage filtration and high capacity. The Cintropur filter system has centrifugal cyclone effect filtration which allows larger particles such as loose particles, soil, sand and rust to drain into the bottom. The particles can be flushed out quickly and easily by opening the valve at the bottom. The filter housings are made of impact-resistant plastic which makes them very robust. The working pressure is 10 bar / peak 16 bar depending on the size of the filter housings. The filter housing from Cintropur comes in transparent plastic which makes it easy to see when the filter needs to be changed. The filter that is replaced (filter life) can be delivered from 001 microns up to 300 microns.

We supply spare parts for all our Cintropur filter housings. This solution can also treat color and odor on the water by using charcoal. You can read more about the properties of the coal here.

How Cintropur® Filter works
Cintropur® Filter
Cintropur® Filter NW280